Stellar Ceramic Money Bank - this one is for the girls!

Stellar Design Ceramic Money Banks

Blue Starburst Stellar Ceramic Money Bank

Blue Starburst Ceramic Money Bank

The illustration opposite shows the Blue Starburst colour variation for this gift item.

Stellar Money Banks make great personalised gifts for children for any occasion, not just for birthdays. Simply say on our Personalisation Page what message you want to put on these (Maximum 6 words) and what name and we'll do the rest.

Children can access their savings by removing the plastic stopper in the base of these money banks, and then reinsert the stopper to start saving all over again.

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Our Ceramic Gift Mugs are good quality products designed for every day use. They are Dishwashwer & Microwave Safe and come in a presentation box and posted out in a strong mailing box to ensure you receive your gift in pristine condition.

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