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This page features a range of gifts that are not for any specific events such as birthdays etc. You will find several Gift Mugs with various themes such as "We Love Grandad" or "I Love Mum" etc, Car Signs and Photo Panels! We may also include items featured on other pages in case you haven't visited some of our main gift pages on this site.

It's easy to order from our site, and easy to upload photos or artwork for certain gifts, so take a look at what we currently offer, and do bear in mind that we frequently look at adding to our range of gifts!

May We Recommend...

For lovers of Art Deco our new Gift Mug is the ideal present suitable for any occasion. The image is taken from a traditional stained glass panel design which virtually wraps around the mug itself. Those who love Art Deco and Floral designs are sure to enjoy receiving this mug as a gift.

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The thumbnails below show our range of Fun Gifts & Non-Personalised Gifts currently available. New items and designs shall be added as they become available.

Roll your mouse over the "Item Highlights" text directly under the images below & a brief description of the gift item shall "pop up". To view the actual item page full details and order section, simply click the actual image to go to that page.

*New Fun Gifts*

Art Deco Gift Mug
Love My Dad or Mum Mugs
Love Our Grandma or Grandad Mugs

Art Deco Gift Mug - the ideal gift for lovers of Art Deco!
Item Highlights"Art Deco Gift Mug."   The ideal gift for all lovers of the Art Deco movement.   Created from a stained glass window design, it's a Gift Idea For Mums or even a Gift Idea For Dads that's sure to please.

I Love Dad Gift Mug
Item Highlights"I Love My Dad / I Love My Mum" Gift Mugs.   For kids that like to tell their Mums or Dads how much they care about them, these are perfect gifts.   'We Love' versions also available here.

Moving Out Gift Mug.
Item Highlights"Are You 30 Something & Still Living At Home?"   Thinking of moving out soon?   Then let mum & dad know with our amusing Moving Out Gift Mug (dare we say, so they can start celebrating!)   Order here today!   Price includes UK P+P

We Love Granny Gift Mug
Item Highlights"We Love Grandad / We Love Granny" Themed Gift Mugs.   Kids love their Grandads & Gran's, and these are ideal fun gifts suitable for any occasions.   'I Love' versions also available here.

And All At Great Value With Quick Delivery Price: £7.90 each
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Price: £7.90 each
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Price: £7.90 each
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Display Your Photos To Maximum Appearance
Item Highlights"Bonded Glossy Finsih Photo Panels."   Display your photos to the best appearance!   If you or a family member have outstanding photos, then our Glossy Photo Panels shall give them the WOW factor & make a great gift idea!

Perfect Prince/Princess Car Sign
Item Highlights"Perfect Prince / Perfect Prince Car Signs."   Fun car safety signs to protect your perfect prince or princess!   Comes with plastic suckers to attach to your rear window.

Childrens Repeat Name Gift Mug
Item Highlights"Childs Repeat Name Gift Mug."   Childs version of our most popular personalised gift mug for adults.   Excellent gift for young kids of any age.

Fairy Folk Childs Gift Mug
Item Highlights"Fairy Folk" Childrens Gift Mug.   Small gift mugs for small hands.   Our Fairy Folk themed personalised mug is the most popular chldrens personalised gift we have.   Price includes UK P+P!

Chidlrens Drawing Gift Mug For Mums Or Dads
Item Highlights"Childs Drawing Gift Mug" for Mums or Dads.   What a unique gift idea this makes - use a drawing your child created to put on a mug for Mum, Dad, Granny or Uncle, & they'll be chuffed to bits!

Price: £14.35 set
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Price: £4.55 each
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Price: £7.90 each
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