Give Your Photos The WOW Factor With Our Photo Panels

Flat Topped Hinged Photo Panels

A Great Gift Idea For Any Occasion!

Part of our new range of high quality photo panels, our Flat Topped Hinged Panels make a distinctive gift for any occasion and for many a photo! Our illustrated samples shows a pair of photos taken on a summer's day in Aberdeenshire and also in Arran (sample shown below). Each picture includes some text simply saying where the location is, but you could make this more personal to your own photos by, for instance, including who the photo was taken by, or anything else you prefer.

The Flat Top Photo Panels are ideal for many types of photos such as portraits of people on special occasions (graduations, weddings, birthdays, retirements, christening etc), landscapes, your own paintings/drawings, your young child's drawings or anything else that takes your fancy. As long as the photos/images are your own copyright work, the sky's the limit! If in doubt, send us a copy of your photo first so we can advise you. The panels are best suited to vertical layout photos.

Sufficient clear space shall be required on your photo to place your personalised message - again, if you're unsure about this, don't hesitate to contact us. Alternatively, you can opt to have no message at all, just your brilliant photos presented to their best advantage!

The panels measure approximately 178 x 127mm (approx 7" high x 5" wide) per panel, and the images are bonded to the surface of each panel itself, so it's much better than a picture frame as there's no glass at all. The high gloss finish on the panels make your photos really stand out and do them justice. And it's easy to upload your photos to us - the personalisation page gives you details of how to do this. The panels come wrapped in protective bubble wrap and mailed in a padded envelope.
High quality gloss finish photo panels that show your images to their best advantage!

Great For Any Photo Subject!

Our photo panels are ideal for virtually any photo subject you can imagine. We've illustrated these here with landscape images, but they can be used for portraits, wedding pictures, animal photos, still life photos, indeed anything that takes your imagination.
The Photo Panels make great personal gift ideas for all occasions, and it's easy to upload images to our server.

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