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The Repeat Name Gift Mug

  • Novel design for a truly personalised gift mug

  • The name makes the pattern - name repeated in various typefaces

  • Add a tag line - a message that may be a phrase used by the recipient

  • Excellent value at only 7.90 each incl UK P+P

Repeat Name Gift Mugs - our best selling personalised gift mug!

Include A Tag Line On This Gift Item:

You can include a tag line on this gift design. Below are listed examples that previous customers have requested:

Aged To Perfection
In A League Of His Own
Not Just A Pretty Face
Anyone Got Chocolate?
Office Manager
Coffee, White, 2 Sugars
Only My 3rd Cup Today!
Go Girl Go

The tag line can be anything you want (no explicit language please) or left out altogether if preferred.

Repeat Name Mugs - the personalised gift for any occasion!

Repeat Name Gift Mugs
A Great Gift Idea For Men & Women!

A Distinctively Designed Personalised Gift Idea!

Our Repeat Name Gift Mugs are ideal choice personalised gifts suitable for any occasions or simply as fun gifts which stand out from the crowd.

As you can see from the images above, the person's name is placed in the central front area of the mug in a large typeface and outlined in red with a tag line underneath it in a smaller typeface and again outlined in red. The tag line can be anything you want (no explicit language please) and you can get ideas for tag lines from the samples above, but most often, it's usually a phrase or saying that the person receiving the gift mug is known for. It can also be a statement of their position in the office (EG: The Manager; The Boss; Accounts Manager etc) or a fun title like Prima Dona etc. Anything that can add a smile to coffee breaks! Alternatively, you can leave the tag line out altogether if preferred. Simply state on our Personalisation Section below what tag line you'd like to include or state "No Tag Line" to leave this out if preferred.

The remaining space on the mug itself is given over to repeating the name of the recipient in various different typefaces outlined in blue, and it's this variation in typeface that actually makes the pattern itself. The ladies version of this distinctive gift mug also includes an image of a red rose to the right of the central (red) name and tag line. However, this can also be left out if preferred. Simply state "No Red Rose" on the Personalisation Section when placing your order.

Please be sure to spell names clearly at time of order to avoid any errors.

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You're Purchasing A Quality Gift Item!

Our Ceramic Gift Mugs are good quality products designed for every day use. They are Dishwashwer & Microwave Safe and come in a presentation box and posted out in a strong mailing box to ensure you receive your gift in pristine condition.

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...our Repeat Name Gift Mugs are the ideal choice gift!

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