Personalised Gift Idea: Photo Gift Mug

  • Include a photo in your personalised gift design

  • Ideal birthday gift - or change message to suit any other occasion

  • Available in Pink or Blue/Grey background colour

  • Easy to upload your photo

  • Great value at only £7.90 each incl UK P+P
Photo Mugs Make Great Personalised Gifts

Gift Idea For Mums & Dads Alike

Photo Gift Mug With Blue/Grey Background
For A Great Birthday Gift Idea!

The image on the right shows the photo mug with our blue/grey marbled background as opposed to the pink marbled background illustrated above. We've used the pink background for lady's images & the blue/grey background for gent's images.

It's Easy To Upload Your Photo!

You can upload your photo once using the link in our Personalisation Section below.

Photo Mug with Blue/Grey Background

The Final Design:

This image shows how we've changed the image that was sent to us. Basically we cut out the image of the person from the original background behind them (see below for the original image) and place it against a marbled background. Where possible, your photo should have a simple a background as possible to it and should have a good clear image of the person concerned.

Photos for upload should be no larger than 900kb or the upload system shall reject it. Please state your photo file name (EG: isobel.jpg) on our Personalisation Section below so we can match this to your order.

Photo Mug Close Up

The Original Photo:

This is the original photo provided by the customer that we worked from. We "cut-out" the background from the photo & made some other minor alterations to the remaining section before transferring that over to the design of the gift mug itself. We then completed the design by adding the personalised message to suit.

Remember, we can change the message to suit any occasion at all. Just tell us what you want on our Personalisation Section below, and we'll do the rest!

Original Image

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Our Ceramic Gift Mugs are good quality products designed for every day use. They are Dishwashwer & Microwave Safe and come in a presentation box and posted out in a strong mailing box to ensure you receive your gift in pristine condition.

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For Personalised Gift Ideas For Any Occasion...

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